Design Standard

Working with a good designer doesn’t have to eat up your budget. In fact, a quality designer can save time and resources in the design process by knowing what works and doesn’t work already. Our designers have decades of experience and creativity meaning you have the benefit of custom design services at a fair price with us.


Better Value and a Return On Your Investment

Great designs pay for themselves by adding functionality and value to your home. We utilize the latest ideas and technology to offer you the best design that will give you the most return on your investment both in functionality and beauty now and in resale value later. Modernizing and updating the functionality of a space is one such way we can make sure your budget is well-spent while creating a new, attractive look for a space, room or business is yet another.


We understand that a custom design is a massive financial undertaking and will work with you to ensure that your money is spent in all the right places; places that will give you the best property valuation possible within the financial constraints of your budget, all without cutting out the prerequisites of safety, functionality and visual appeal. We have the experience and knowledge to make any budget work and will keep our high standards of design in place for your project.


Big or small, we’re here to make your experience with us a rewarding one!



For over 30 years, Brian Luedtke & Associates has been helping our clients design, remodel and build out new spaces for any eventuality. No matter what your business or home needs are, we are up to the challenge and can help you with every stage of planning, design, and execution. We know how to leverage the most out of every penny of your budget without cutting corners in any department. We will create the best space for you with no compromises or constraints.


If you have questions, we have answers! Contact us today to set up an initial planning session and let us help you take your design project to the next level and join our family of clients who have benefitted from our wealth design experience.


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